4oz Soy Wax Melt | $11

Experience the aroma of petrichor — the smell of the Earth right after it starts to rain. Let the invigorating notes of earth's soil, fresh flowers, and sweetgrass transform any room into the great outdoors.

For nature enthusiasts looking to reconnect with the earth or city dwellers seeking a touch of woodland escape, these Petrichor wax melts bring the outdoors into your home and evoke memories of a tranquil walk through the woods.

Wax melts do not require a flame and do not produce soot.

Top Notes: Wet Soil (Earth), Geosmin
Middle Notes: Cypress, Muguet, Fresh Cut Grass
Base Notes: Patchouli, Matsutake

100% plastic-free materials

Shipped using 100% plastic-free packaging

Pay What You Can

Everyone deserves to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of nature, and flexible pricing gives us the opportunity to be more inclusive with our candles.

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If you can afford to pay the retail price we encourage you to do so, as it helps us continue to make candles that are accessible to everyone!

Curbside Recyclable

Every wax melt is 100% plastic free - from packaging to shipping materials.

Plant-Based Wax

Made with 100% soy wax no paraffin and is free of chemical additives.

Handmade in NYC

Your purchase supports a queer-owned small business based in Brooklyn, NY.

Pay What You Can

Choose the price that fits your budget. Our candles are intended to be enjoyed by all, regardless of financial means.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Oliver S.

I was blown away by these amazing wax melts. They came in great packaging and the scent was strong enough to smell it even through the bag. I loved it so much, I recommended it to my family and they can't get enough.


Such an amazing product. Came as advertised, the seller wrote my name on the packaging and left a kind note. Pricing is amazing, and I definitely will be buying again.

Danielle C.

Smells just as you would imagine! Gives me not only rainy day vibes, but as a Disney fan, it reminds me of being on the Avatar rides and smelling the wet earth (in the best way!) - spot on. Brings me to my happy place!


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It's peaceful and wonderful! When I come home everyday from work, I am immediately at peace because this scent is so calming and relaxing. All of my stresses go away because of this amazing wax melt! I will continue to purchase these!